Social Stories

The ICAST (Iroquois County Autism Support Team) has created several social stories that are now available to download. Most fields are editable. These stories are properties of ICAST and ISEA, therefore the footer on the first page cannot be edited and must remain on the page. If you need a specific social story not on this list, please contact one of the autism team members to see if they can help you make one.

It's Okay to Feel Mad, but Feeling Happy is Better

When I Want Something

Taking Turns All the Time

Walking in Line

Walking Slowly

Playground Safety

Carpet Time

Following Directions Chart

It is Important to Finish My Work

Independent Work

Keeping Hands Clean

Baby is Coming Home

My New Brother

Using My School Voice


Asking for What I Want

Going Back to School

Going to a New School (ESY)

Summer Vacation

Winter Break

Riding the Bus

Going to the Dentist

Loose Tooth

When I See Someone I Know

All About Hugging

When My Teacher is Somewhere Else

Getting a Haircut

Going to the Grocery Store

We also have practical guides for parents and educators on the following subjects:

Visual Schedules

Social Stories

Errorless Learning

Picture Exchange Communication