The autism support team is multidisciplinary in nature, which provides different view points on the autism spectrum disorder. Some of the team members have been trained through TEACCH, PECS, sensory integration strategies, etc. Their mission is to provide training and consultation service to educators who need assistance with their students on the autism spectrum.

For any students suspected of having autism, assistance can be obtained from ICAST. Print and complete the referral form and sent to the ISEA office to the attention of Kimberly Hall, Autism Team Coordinator.

A resource library is currently under development at the ISEA office. Please contact Kimberly Hall for reference materials on certain subjects. ISEA and the autism team may be able to provide a lending book or point you in the direction of resource materials.

Procedures for Obtaining Assistance

1. Complete the Referral for Autism Support and submit to Kimberly Hall, Team Coordinator, at ISEA.

2. Obtain parental permission/signature for assistance.

3. Provide any other specific areas of concern that you would like addressed.

4. Upon receipt of the referral, an Autism Support Team member will make contact to establish an observation/consultation date(s).

ICAST Team Members

Kimberly Hall, Team Coordinator - Speech-Language Therapist

Angie Beland - Occupational Therapist