Speech Therapy

Speech language services encompass such activities as: screening, diagnosis and appraisal of specific speech and language impairments; planning and developing interventions and programs for children or youth with speech and language impairments; and counseling and guidance of parents, children, and teachers regarding speech and language impairments (23 IAC 226.310(k)).

Speech services are provided in all school districts.  Some school districts employ their own speech therapist and some are employed through ISEA.

Kimberly Hall
Bryce, Cissna Park, Iroquois West, & Unit #9 Schools

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Haley Benner
Iroquois West Schools

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Claire Hammer
Unit #9 Schools

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Angela Jones
Donovan & Watseka ECE

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Sara McTaggart
Milford Schools

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Deb Preisser

Unit #9 PREP, Headstart. & Wanda Kendall

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Sunita Rueb
Cissna Park & Crescent City

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