Social Workers

Social work services include activities such as: preparing a social developmental study on a child with a disability; group and individual counseling with a child and his or her family; working with parents and others on those problems in a child's living situation (home, school, and community) that affect the child's adjustment in school; mobilizing school and community resources to learn as effectively as possible in his or her educational program; and assisting in completing a functional behavioral assessment, as well as assisting in the development of positive behavioral intervention strategies (23IAC 226310(j)).

Ali Denault
Gilman Elem, Danforth Elem, & IWHS

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IW Upper Elementary, IWMS,
& Glenn Raymond


Sarah Meyer
Cissna Park, Donovan, & ECE

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Derald Rueb
Bryce & Crescent City

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Karen Umbanhowar
Watseka Junior High & Watseka High School

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Calynn Toberman
Social Work Intern

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