All ISEA governing board meetings are held at the ISEA office at least twice a year at 6:30 pm.  The Executive Board Meetings are the first Thursday of the month at 1:00 pm at ISEA.

 Governing Board Members
Executive Board Members
 Secretary - Mrs. Jody Neibuhr - Cres. Iroq. #249
 Dr. Jeffrey Alstadt - Cres. Iroq. #249
 Mr. Mark Tweedy - Milford #124
President - Dr. Dale Hastings - Milford #124
 Ms. Vicki Killus - Iroquois West #10
 Dr. Linda Dvorak - Iroquois West #10
 Mr. James Bruns - Iroquois Co. #9
Mr. James Bunting - Iroquois Co. #9
 President - Mr. Eric Schmidt - Donovan #3
Mr. Steve Westrick - Donovan #3
 Mr. Brent Neukomm - Cissna Park #6
 Dr. Dan Hylbert - Cissna Park #6
 Recording Secretary - Mrs. Cindy Johnson
Recording Secretary - Mrs. Cindy Johnson

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